Today I'm going to give  you a complete step-by-step guide for  burning fat on the ketogenic diet  including exactly what to eat and how  much it is to eat for your particular  body don't worry you're not going to  have to eat six small meals a day only  breakfast lunch and dinner like a normal  person because I'm sure that you're very  busy.     

 I'll show you meal by meal what to eat  for you to be able to start shredding  pounds of fat today with no additional  information necessary so let's get in  the kitchen and get started for  breakfast I'm going to have four slices  of bacon four whole eggs I'm going to  add some fresh chives to enhance the  flavor and for my vegetable I'm going to  have about a fist of spinach  exactly how you're going to customize it  for yourself I'm going to explain in a  second for lunch we're making burgers  we're going to start with 80/20 ground  beef that would be ideal but remember  that the ketogenic diet is all about  being high in fat we want almost seventy  to seventy-five percent of your diet  coming from tests that's why we're  looking for the 80 percent lead and  since we're not allowed too many carbs  we're going to have it with portobello  bun then I got my cheese I'm going to  use two slices and again I'm gonna tell  you exactly how much you can use in a  second I'm going to have one slice of  tomato and a slice of onion and that's  going to go on my burger and then for my  veggies in that meal I'm going to have  about a fist worth of asparagus and when  this breaks up because you were going to  want to break these ends off it's going  to come out to about a fist with my  asparagus I'm going to add some olive  oil on there to add some flavor and I'm  also going to add some Parmesan cheese  so that's going to be additional fats  for the ketogenic diet and then for  dinner we're going to have chicken wings  I'm going to have six of these chicken  wings and I'm going to make mashed  cauliflower I would normally use only  half a head of cauliflower because they  do have carbs .

When you are on ketogenic  we want to keep the carbs low but this  is such a small ahead it's like the size  of my fist so this is going to be  considered my half a head of cauliflower  and I'm going to add butter and salt to  that to turn it into mashed cauliflower  it will taste just like mashed potatoes  it's delicious and also I'm going to be  adding hot sauce to the wings to make  them taste better and to give them  flavor as far as my seasonings .   

   I'll be  using olive oil cooking spray also be  using salt Bamberger seasoning for the  burger parsley flakes  chicken seasoning for the wings some  minced garlic  Parmesan cheese and black pepper that's  all you need all right so let me tell  you now exactly how you're going to  calculate the amount of calories the  amount of fast cars and sure you're  wondering exactly how this is going to  work for you so I'm going to show you  exactly how that's done right on my  computer okay so you're going to start  by using the macro calculator available  on our website and I'll include a link  below in the description so I'm going to  go ahead and enter in my stats now the  really cool thing about this calculator  is that the activity level that most of  these calorie calculators are set to  they highly overestimate the amount of  calories you can eat it's when I  personally made I know that this one the  calculations it gives you are perfect  for fat loss so I actually don't know my  body fell out sitting 12% and then we're  looking for fat loss we're going to  click the fat loss button right here  we're just going to click calculate  obviously input your own attributes so  up top you'll see your maintenance  calories two thousand nine hundred  ninety three per day now that's not the  number you want to go for you'll also  see moderate fat loss which is about  like a pound a week then fast fat loss  it's like two pounds a week I'm gonna go  with fast fat loss so you're going to  take this number right here two thousand  three hundred twenty calories .  

      I actually  already have done ketogenic diet or a  couple weeks so I'm going to drop this a  little lower because my fat loss is  slowing down a little bit so I'm going  to drop it by roughly a hundred I'm  starting off with two thousand two  hundred thirty calories and what we're  going for is 70% fat 25% protein and  five percent carbs so 70 percent of two  thousand two hundred thirty is a  thousand five hundred sixty one calories  25% of two thousand two hundred thirty  is five hundred fifty seven five percent  of this number is 112 now as far as  calculating your macros we're going to  divide the fats by nine we're going to  divide the protein by four and we're  going to divide the carbs by four and  that gives us these macros so one  hundred seventy three grams of fat 139  grams of protein and 28 grams of carbs  again just plug your numbers in and this  right here is the diet that I came up  with so I know that I'm starting off  with 173 grams of fat 139 protein 28  carbs for breakfast I'm gonna have four  whole eggs which is 16 grams of fat 24  grams of protein one large avocado 21  grams of fat three grams of protein  twelve grams of carbs four slices of  bacon 13 grams of fat 12 grams of  protein one fist of spinach which we're  really not going to count as anything  because that's mostly they're just  provide. 


 In minerals and the macros in there are  pretty much negligible the total for  breakfast is going to be 50 grams of fat  and 39 grams of protein then for lunch  we got six ounces of ground beef we want  to get 80/20 so the higher the fat the  better for ketogenic we got two slices  of cheddar cheese 18 grams of fat 14  grams of protein 2 portobello mushroom  buns again negligible one slice of  tomato and red onion negligible one fist  of asparagus pretty much negligible one  tablespoon of olive oil 14 more grams of  fat and also 3 tbsp of Parmesan cheese  so that's 4 grams of fat and 6 grams of  protein and we're going to add that into  the asparagus the total for lunch is 66  grams of fat and 48 grams of protein  then for dinner we have 6 chicken wings  which is about 36 grams of fat and 48  grams of protein half a head of  cauliflower which is about 1 gram of fat  believe it or not 5 grams of protein and  15 grams of carbs 1 and 1/2 tablespoon  of grass-fed butter we're going to add  that into the head of cauliflower that  we're going to mash up that's going to  be 18 grams of fat and then we got a  total of 55 grams of fat for dinner 53  grams of protein so my totals at the end  or 171 grams of fat 140 grams of protein  and 27 grams of carbs so you always want  to start first with the things that are  going to take the longest to cook the  stuff that's going to take the longest  is the stuff that we have to boil and  the stuff that we have to cook in the  oven what we do with the cauliflower top  off this part and then you take your  head of cauliflower and you throw it  right into a pot of water and you're  going to set that pot of water to boil  next I'm going to want to pull out a  baking sheet I'm going to lightly coat  the pan with some olive oil cooking  spray for this meal I get six wings so  I'm just going to pull the wings right  out of here. 

     These are wing guests there we go so  there are my six wings now to add some  flavor I'm going to throw on some kickin  chicken seasoning and then I'm also  going to add some red hot wing sauce  this stuff is spicy so don't go too  crazy and then I'm just going to mix  that all together these are ready to go  we're going to set our oven to 400  degrees next up we're going to grab two  baking sheets and I'm going to grab my  washed asparagus I'm going to crack it  right where it cracks easily like I  shouldn't have to put a lot of pressure  and I was aiming for about a fifth and  that's going to be about a fist right  there and I also want to add one  tablespoon of olive oil so there we go  we got about a tablespoon there and  three tablespoons of Parmesan cheese and  lastly I want to add some garlic mix it  together and then with the mushrooms we  don't want to necessarily wash them we  just want to wipe them off because there  will be some dirt so once you have it  wiped off we're going to spray each side  lightly with some olive oil cooking  spray and then we're going to put it  face up right into our baking dish cool  so we can throw these two in the oven  now and it actually looks like my oven  is pretty much preheated now .

 I could  throw everything in there so we got the  asparagus we got the chicken for dinner  that asparagus was for lunch and then we  got the mushroom caps our cauliflower is  already boiling so we just want to wait  uncle that's really soft so we can match  it let it boil for a little bit the  other thing that's going to take a  little while to cook are my eggs and my  avocado and you guys might be thinking  wait how does it take so long well it's  because I'm actually going to be oven  baking the egg and the avocado together  with two of them the other two I'm going  to put it on the pan and use the bacon  oil because again ketogenic is all about  having a lot of fats I'm going to grab  another baking pan lightly spray it with  some olive oil and I'm going to cut my  avocado in half going around in a circle  round the core.   

          And then I'm just going  to twist and open and there we go so  then I just got to pop the seed out and  then the skin should come off pretty  easily from here so just peel the skin  off now I want to take one of these eggs  and these are free-range eggs these eggs  are a very good source of high-quality  inexpensive protein so crack the egg and  then we're going to pour it into our  avocado we're going to sprinkle on some  parsley flakes a little bit of black  pepper some salt and we're also going to  throw on some chives cool so throw this  right in the oven and it's been about 10  minutes since I plucked my portobello  mushrooms in here so I want to pull them  out real quick because I'm going to want  to flip them after ten minutes and let  them cook for another five so I'm just  going to flip.   

       These guys and don't worry they get  really black you probably didn't burn  them that's just what happens when you  cook them now that we got the stuff that  takes forever to cook out of the way we  can move on to the stuff on the frying  pan so for breakfast we're having the  bacon I'm allowed four slices of bacon  for breakfast cool so I'm going to take  my four slices of bacon and I'm going to  throw them right on the pans I'm going  to let that cook and then I'm going to  use the grease from the bacon to cook my  eggs again I can't say this enough  ketogenic is very high in fat and that  right there was the five minutes that I  needed for the mushrooms to be done but  I can pull that out now so these as you  can see they are done they are nice and  soft and ready to go and make great  burger bones while that's cooking I'm  going to get started my burger okay .


  This says that it's got 16 ounces so  it's got a pound we want six ounces for  this meal so I'm going to want a little  less than half somewhere around here  that's about a little less than half  right there this is about six ounces  it's for the lazy people that don't feel  like measuring which is me I'm going to  season it with the Bamberger seasoning  number don't be afraid of season a throw  that right on in there  and then I'm just going to mix it all  together and shape it into a patty so  there we go shaped into a burger flatten  it out a little good ready to go and now  we're going to throw that onto the  burner and our bacon definitely needs to  be flipped at this point now I have a  Foreman grill but I purposely chose to  cook it in the frying pan because that's  going to gather up the oil all done with  the bacon so I can just throw that on to  a plate for now and I'm going to use  that oil to cook my other two eggs and  my spinach so before I do that I'm going  to check on my oven because I think a  lot of this stuff is gone chicken wings  are definitely done they look great  asparagus is done the avocado can use a  little bit more cooking so we're going  to leave that in there for a little  longer I'm going to plate these too and  remember these are two different meals  the ways are for dinner and the  asparagus is for lunch so we got  breakfast lunch and dinner our burger  looks like it's ready to flip and we can  cover that for a bit to make sure that  it cooks all the way through and then  I'm going to go back to cooking the eggs  now so I got my two eggs and then I want  a fist of spinach so that's going to be  about half this bag .

 Mix this all together  so this is done it can be played it now  looks good let me check my oven I think  that meal is totally done looks like  these guys are all done so I'm just  going to take that out so two avocados  right there and then the rest of my  leftover eggs it looks like both my  burger and the cauliflower is almost  done so I'm just going to coat it with  two slices of cheese top it off with  that cover it up let it melt on there  and I could turn off the burner and pull  the cauliflower off and drain it  so just strain it with a strainer and  just leave it in there to drain okay . 

   So  that's done right there we could turn  that off so we got our cauliflower here  now we're just going to throw it back  into that same pot that we're using to  cook it in after we drain it and then  we're going to use a masher to mash this  down and we want to add a tablespoon and  a half of the carry gold pure Irish  butter as you can see right here it  indicates exactly how much you should  have so it's about a little less than  two tablespoons right about here okay  cool so you can add that in I like to  add a little bit of garlic as well cool  and also I like to add a little bit of  black pepper and a little bit of salt  cool .

Mix this all  together and then I'm going to add that  to my dinner and believe it or not guys  this tastes a lot like potatoes the last  thing I want to do now is cut a slice of  onion for my burger I'm actually going  to heat it up a little bit while that  heats up I'm going to prep my burger  buns throw this juicy burger right on  there while this thing is juice it I'm  going to get a slice of tomato a little  bit of spinach and I'm going to top it  off with my onion and there you have a  guys these are my three meals so we got  breakfast we got the two eggs so two  whole eggs that are just cooked mixed in  with the spinach also the two whole eggs  that are cooked into the avocado we got  two fists of spinach we also got four  slices of bacon this meal has a total of  50 grams of that and 39 grams of protein  and virtually no carbs because the  spinach pretty much doesn't even count  as carbs it's so little in carbs .

Which  is exactly what we want for our  ketogenic meal for lunch we have our  burner and this burger I'm telling you  it's going to be delicious we have our  burger with the asparagus two slices of  cheddar cheese in there for the fats two  of the portobello mushroom buns some  spinach a slice of tomato a slice of red  onion  then we have the asparagus which is  going to have the Parmesan cheese for  the fat and also the olive oil  this meal totals at 66 grams of fat and  48 grams of protein and then for the  last meal we have dinner so last but not  least and we have the six chicken wings  which is going to be quite a lot of fat  and protein also we got the head of  cauliflower half a head of cauliflower  we turn it into mashed cauliflower and  the cauliflower has a tablespoon and a  half of grass-fed butter in it the  totals for this meal we got 55 grams of  fat 53 grams of protein and believe it  or not the cauliflower has close to 15  grams of carbs so between these two the  avocado and the cauliflower I'm getting  the carbs that I need we want to try to  keep our carbs under 30 when we're doing  ketogenic diets .

 That's it guys  obviously you would want to portion out  these meals into containers so they're  ready to go for you for the day so you  can cook multiple servings of this just  multiply the total amount by the amount  of days that you're cooking for so if  you're cooking for three days you're  going to multiply by three.

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