Cloud Bread Keto Recipes

 Hi friends, our recipe today about cloud bread and I really do like this recipe it does taste a little different for bone it definitely, isn't bread but it is a really good replacement.

Cloud Bread Keto Recipes
Cloud Bread Keto Recipes

So I  wanted to share it with you guys if you  guys are interested all right so let's  guess that we definitely need certain  ingredients so meaning

  • 3 eggs separated from yolks and whites 
  • 3 tablespoons of cream cheese
  • 1/4 of a teaspoon of cream of tartar or since I  don't have it I'm using baking powder.
  •  A packet of a sweetener 


-Pre-heat your oven so I'll preheat it to  300 degrees Fahrenheit and then while the oven preheats we're just going to grab the yolks. 
 -Add in some Splenda or whatever sweetener you have.  - Add in the cream cheese. 

-Just mix it up until it is thoroughly mixed and somewhat creamy setting the yolks aside.
- Grab the egg whites mixture.
- Add a new cream of tartar baking powder but don't add it in like I did on the video below because you don't want an addition here food but after that, you're just going to beat it on high you can use an electric mixer. You can beat it by hand.

-Beating it until it's a nice safe piece you're going to know when it's ready when basically you flip the bowl upside down and nothing comes out and then you know it's tough like it doesn't move.

 Than that, we're just going to grab the yolk mixture again and we're just going to slowly pour it in and while we pour it in.

  Fold it in what folding is is you just gently fold it from the bottom to the top and we're just doing it like that way we keep all the air inside and it's what keeps our bread not flat. 

So here's the last step, basically all you have to do is just get  a baking sheet if you don't have one can  always grease the pan it's just I prefer  not to because I really don't like the  idea of using a lot of oils and so just  grab me a big spoon or any spoon.

  Whatever it makes it easy just grab a  big group and just plop it right onto the baking sheet and then I'm just using the back of the spoon and spreading it out into my desired shape when you're done just stick it in your oven for about half an hour.

 Keep an eye on it look at the friends really easily and you know it's done when it's a light brown color after that you can just take it out and put it on a cooling rack and let it cool.

 Now if you want it to be chewier I would suggest that you put it into the fridge for overnight and then it should be much better.

 But after that, you're done and you can really use it for anything that involves bread just use it as a substitute completely and it should be good to go in this case.

 I'm just using it as a turkey sandwich and it's just really easy and really simple to make so definitely do give it a try and let me know if you like it and also tell me what you used it for.

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